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VicRollisonVital stats – born in 1981 (you do the maths), live in Adelaide, with husband, 3 cats and a daughter. I love current affairs, politics, reading, renovating houses, watching football (AFL – go Port Adelaide!), going to movies and most importantly…. writing!

I am doing a PhD (in the political communications field) and many other community and social commitments in my life, but I still find plenty of time to write. It’s amazing how you make time to do the things that make you most happy!

42 Comments on “About Me”

  1. Mary L says:

    hello Victoria, congrats on finishing Conspire.
    yr aunt Marian (my very kind advisor) pointed me to yr blog,esp re self-publishing. thanks.
    & here’s another link re self-publishing FYI
    cheers & lots of luck

  2. Tom says:

    Hi, I’m also writing a novel about a conspiracy theory. If you’d like to talk about ideas, or maybe read each other’s work and do some criticism, feel free to email me.

  3. Norrie Sinclair says:

    Hi Victoria,

    Interesting that we both published books on Bilderberg withing 2 days of each other in July on Smashwords.com (with an Eastern European flavour) and 10 days later if you search on thrillers, most downloaded, free and full (50-100,000 words), Conspire and The Paper Factory are still beside each other. Now that is a conspiracy 🙂

    Best of luck with your novel,


  4. I am 82. My blog and CV is under my own name “Ernest Armstrong”. I have learnt in those 82 years that there is much truth in that proverb that says you cannot put an old head on young shoulders and I am still learning. I suggest that this proverb is still accurate. I have found that in writing 30 letters in the past year to Politicians, Professors, Media Gurus, TV Spokespersons, Journalists and self proclaimed experts that I have received only one reply and answer to a question and with his final words being that he felt that at 82 I deserved the truth and that truth was absolutely devestating as regards how our Govt is managed.

  5. You encouraged me to start my own blog: http://polanimal.com.au/wp/?p=29

    Well done, more for me to do 🙂

  6. durutticolumn says:

    Just discovered your writing through seeing a tweet about being blocked by latika. I am in that club too. great piece as was your one on mark Colvin. I have been a journalist since 1965. these days I despair at what passes for journalism and I despair that the abc thinks latika is part of the answer. cheers

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi Victoria, congratulations on your Ashbygate peice. I am not a journalist, but someone interested in the democratic process and hungry for some fearless thoughtful and mature comment. It was wonderful to read your work.
    Sue Flatman

  8. […] By Victoria Rollinson December 15, 2012 Source: victoriarollison.com […]

  9. Susie O'Brien says:

    Hi Vic
    Susie O’Brien here from Adelaide Uni (many years ago now), I came across some of your comments on twitter and so followed various links to your excellent blog. I have signed up so look forward to some great debates. Please give my best to Kay and Rob, and to Cat. I hope I have remembered all the family names correctly. I would love to know what your mum is up to now, I remember her very fondly!
    All the best, Susie

  10. Robert Roestenburg says:

    Hi Victoria. You don’t know me but I love reading what you are writing! You write clearly & succinctly, with great verve and dash. Just a breath of fresh air. One day you might wish to consider going into politics. You would greatly enthrall all those present in Parliament, wether State or Federal. Keep up the good writing!

  11. Moe says:

    Congrats on making “Freshly Pressed” Victoria. It’s a big day when that happens. Just read your media post on the front page. I pretty much agree; it’s something I grind my teeth over too. An American blogger – I think it was Atrios? or Digby? – named the convergence of government people and media people in Washington “the Village” and the individuals are ‘the villagers’. They live together, dine together . . . ultimately the media practitioners entirely forget the mission of their profession, which is “Speak truth to power”. After all, that’s hard to do when you’re playing racketball or having cocktails with that very ‘power.’

    Good luck here. It’s looking very good.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Victoria gosh darn it you have grit. Folks with grit should be supported and celebrated whenever possible. For those of you aspiring to something out there; verbosity and grit are two very different things. Just because someone can yammer on and on about something and cobble a plethora of $25 dollar words together doesn’t give them grit damn it. Anyway, endevour to persevere and all of that.

    Plus, you have 3 cats yay!
    Also: Cats are great, cats are good. If some of you really have to carry on about kitty’s impact on the local environment then I say this; Raze your house, tear up the main road, pull out the internet, plant back all of those trees where your favorite beer joint is. After you do that, I will renounce my cat. He however will likely not notice. Peace

    • Stephen Cairns says:

      hmmm! Are my house or local pub actively going out at night and annihilating the local fauna? It seems to me you are equating two very different things, displacement of local wildlife and active annihilation! I’ll tell you what I will curb anything I might do to actively annihilate the local wildlife i.e. I won’t take up hunting or own cats and try to drive safely where it might affect local wildlife etc., and you can do the same, yes? 🙂 A far more reasonable equating than your ridiculous conflation of environmental impacts.

      Oh and hi Victoria 🙂 I too have watched with horrified fascination at just how extraordinarily loathsome the Abbott government has turned out to be!

  13. hmedina197 says:

    Hola, me dedico al periodismo y a escribir cuentos infantiles. Amo a los perros y gatos. Tengo dos hijos y una hija, además, tres nietos y dos nietas. Me encantan las mujeres hermosas y cultas. Me pueden encontrar también en FaceBook. Desafortunadamente, no domino a la perfección el idioma inglés, pero si gustan puedo compartir algunos de mis cuentos filosóficos y/o infantiles, también mis entrevistas periodísticas. Muchas gracias.

    Héctor Medina

  14. Lindsay Gamble says:

    I used to work at the Courier-Mail and saw first hand what happened when Murdoch took over. From an environment that was a pleasure to work in, the entire workplace changed when he bought out the paper. He instructed his overseers to treat the staff like second rate citizens. They would never admit it but blind freddy could see the changes in respect and camaraderie diminishing towards the workers. The worst thing about Murdoch sticking his nose in is the fact that he rescinded his Australian citizenship, yet by way of his media empire he gets his say to support Abbott without actually being an Australian. So many people are so gullible they believe everything they read in the paper. I haven’t bought his rag for many years now nor will I subscribe to his Foxtel. He wants the coalition elected because they support big business while Labor is for the workers and that is what is the backbone of all countries – us workers.

    • Rojer Batas says:

      Your experiences as a News Ltd. employee would be interesting. Rupert M. will never get any more of my money. I lived in South Australia until 2000, but feel a need to try to keep up to date with the rubbish that his Australian news media publishes (without paying for it) just so I can see what hell Australians continue to live with. Maybe you or news media contacts that you still may have can assist me. I’m offering a $1000- reward for assistance to locate & access archives of Australian newspapers published (1984 to 1999) because Australian state & national public libraries fraudulently sell fake records of Australian newspapers published as authentic archives. South Australian/Australian national corruption is concealed. SA still has billions of dollars of State Bank of SA (my former employer) bankruptcy public debt unaccounted for that includes several 10s of $MIll.s of SBSA “Off Balance Sheet” debt that everyone forgot to ask about. If your at all curious you might be able to view some details on a posting made to this website today, if the moderator has allowed it to her site. The $1000- reward is a serious offer. A problem with Australia is that the 2 political parties we can have as governments are as bad as each other, both benefiting by their deceit of the public rather than keeping each other honest.
      Regards, Roger Bates (aka Rojer Batas) 7 Oct 2013.

    • Harry Viderci says:

      I think you missed the point, Lindsay. Labor doesn’t support the workers, Labor supports the Unions, otherwise, they’d stop putting up Union candidates for Labor seats, and they’d really, really allow workers free choice instead of delivering them up to collectivists.

  15. whatismore says:

    Thanks Victoria for your activism . A lot of young people just aren’t politically active. My daughter in her 20s has no interest which is disappointing as I come from a couple of generations of left activists.

    • Dave says:

      Your daughter sounds smart.

    • Harry Viderci says:

      Your generations of people bludging off real workers is point and example enough for your daughter to have little if any interest in the left. Socialism is fine, until you run out of other peoples’ money. She probably believes that what she earns is hers, not yours, not some bloke who’s never had a job or kept one.
      The left needs to stop living off the workers. The government needs to stop giving money that is not theirs to give, to people who can stand on their own two feet and earn their own living. If that is insufficient to afford 50″ TV’s and overseas holidays, well, …. so be it. It is not anyone else’s responsibility to give their hard earned, after tax money to pay for them.
      And don’t give me that cry baby, ‘how could you be so cruel” rubbish. It you really believe that dole takers should be given overseas holidays, and not work for their own money, then, really, give them your money.
      If you really believe that rubbish.

    • Dr Sandra M Simpson says:

      Silly lady.

    • Peter says:

      Typical left wing activist as is Victoria Rollison. I assume you would expect your daughter to be a leftist, or you would probably force your daughter to be a leftist by “shouting down” alternative political beliefs she may have. Maybe that has something to do with her indifference towards politics. Left wing groups are bullies who feign a belief in social equality and free speech. Leftists do not accept alternative opinions that are not in line with their beliefs. Left wing groups revert to “screaming down” others who may wish to express a different opinion so they cannot actually express their opinion. Leftists are hateful and spiteful characters who have a sense of absolute entitlement. Victoria Rollison claims to have a variety of interests. I find that very hard to believe as she is far too busy tapping away on her computer keyboard spreading hateful and denigrating drivel.

  16. Victoria – I am 83 (in a week or so) and I am so comforted by your comments. Pleased to say most of my family have been stirred into action by the appalling policies of this government – I do my best too. Dorothy Lascelles.

    • Harry Viderci says:

      More socialist cry baby rubbish. If you’re not earning enough to live on, why not? You’re 83. Do you know where your savings went? They went to fund idiot socialist rubbish, financed by inflation. Perpetrated by socialists, and idiot Liberals who don’t understand money.
      Neither, obviously, do you.

      • Stephen says:

        Maybe some of it went to Saddam Hussein when the last conservative government ponied up $290million to him to buy our wheat. (Never mind the fact that we were at war with him at the time.)

  17. M. R. says:

    I refer you to my post of today (Monday 25th): you’re part of it.

  18. Kevin Bradley says:

    Hi Victoria,
    I have enjoyed reading some of your recent “open letters”. I just hope and pray that I never upset you.
    Kevin at Maroochydore

  19. Harry Viderci says:

    what car do you drive, Victoria?
    Who paid for your Uni education? What degree did you take?

  20. Dr Sandra M Simpson says:

    You have one redeeming feature, Victoria, and that is you like cats, but where do you get such vile political views? In a democracy such as Australia, each voter has the right to cast a vote as they see fit, but not in your world it seems. I’m looking forward to March in March and hope that just for once the police get tough and the fire hoses get some use. Make sure hubby stays at home so the cats get their dinner.

  21. Shani says:

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    blog. Forums are a great way to find new clients and you’ll notice that most of them have a section where you can advertise your services.

  22. Konrad Wolffe says:

    You Victoria are nothing more than a pawn of the new world order. An inner city, elitist, intellectual who is so intelligent that she forgets other people have just as strong, if not stronger views on our world than she does, An intelligent person puts forward their argument and allows the discourse to evolve. Try-hards simply create a host of scenarios to shut down any opposition. They scream logical fallacies while indulging in them to the fullest extent. Not very clever one would think. In fact, we can see right through your little game Victoria.

    I laugh at you champagne socialist types who are so full of your own importance but do not realise the dangerous game you are playing. Sitting in your little city apartment, you rootless, childless little fabian wannabes are so brainwashed that many of you are unlikely to ever be brought back to reality. So be it. But do not think for even one minute that your aims will ever be realised. Your one-world government based on pseudo scientific garbage that is spewed by paid government and NGO hacks around the world do not fool everyone.

    You’ve put your self out there Victoria. You need to start behaving like a true woman, have children and realise that you will never, ever achieve your utopian, godless, soulless, socialistic, classless one world society that you idiots so believe is possible. Get your head out of your arse and open your eyes. Silly little girl.

  23. Rahma Yudhistira says:

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  24. […] first heard about the March in March when reading Victoria Rollinson’s blog. I decided to find out if there was to be a march in Tasmania and although I’ve never […]

  25. Tony Keen says:

    Hi Victoria, I run my own proofreading company – http://www.tkproofreading.com.au – and I was wondering whether you would be interested in utilising my services. Kind Regards, Tony Keen

  26. Pharmc2 says:

    Thank you for the sensible critique. Me &amp my neighbor were just preparing to do a little research about this. We got a grab a book from our local library but I think I learned more from this post. I am very glad to see such excellent info being shared freely out there. ffkkfgdkeddk

  27. Tim Simpson says:

    We don’t really need another leftoid sister babbling away in the background, but good luck anyway.

  28. peter knight says:

    I love to read your twits and your politics. Go Swans

  29. Love your writing, Victoria; witty and to the point. Also, I think I used to teach you piano 🙂 please say hello to your sisters from me if that is the case (web address so you can see who I am).

  30. Nomzi Kumalo says:

    Pleased to meet you. Do feel free to visit my blog whenever you get the chance to. 🙂

  31. Paul Heymans says:

    Great letter re Reclaim Australia. Love it.

  32. Dr Don Longo says:

    Hello Victoria: My name is Don Longo and I am trying to get in touch with your mother, Kay. I worked closely with her in the 1990s, and she will know who I am. However, I can’t for the life of me find an email address for her, including on her blog. Thus, can you please send me her contact details? I would like to talk to her about Hugh Stretton and Austin Gough, for research I’m doing. Of course, I realise

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