When is a manuscript finished?

I am officially neglecting my blog readers. All five of you. This is for two reasons. The first is that my life seems to have spiralled into an insane period of crazy busy and I’m struggling to find time to do anything but work/eat/sleep. There’s a lot going on outside of work too. Enough with the excuses, I know. But I’ve also been trying to spend some of my limited spare time revising Conspire, and let me tell you, it is painful!

The feedback that my beta reader gave me seemed simple enough at first, but it’s uncovered a few issues within my plot that need to be addressed.

So here’s my question – when is a manuscript finished? Is it ever finished? I don’t know if mine ever will be. There’s always ways you can improve it. But when do you say ‘it’s done – now it’s ready to read’?  Because if I don’t get a move on, the relevancy and freshness of my plot, which is very much based on current political and cultural events, will be lost. I don’t want to miss the boat of relevancy!

When you’re trying to write a book, and work full time, and have a social life, and reform your political party, and save the planet, and support your community groups and spend time with your loved ones, it all gets a bit much. Amazingly, I didn’t find this at all when I was writing the book. But finding time to sit down and revise it, and really analyse the plot, is really hard at the moment.

Anyway, I’m going to go back to it now. While neglecting my blog, at least I have a tiny bit more time to work on Conspire.

I promise it will be finished soon!

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